Flat Web Design

Introduction to Flat Web Design

There are quite a few ways to design a good looking website, with some approaches being more popular than others. Flat web design is currently a very popular design approach. Besides being used to design web sites, many people also use this approach to design mobile apps. Apple and Microsoft have adopted this design approach for the design of their newest operating systems. Ios7, Apple's latest mobile operating system, utilizes flat web design for the design of their pre-installed apps. Microsoft utilizes this approach for the design of their programs in Windows 8.

What is Flat Web Design

Flat web design is a web design approach that strips elements of any three dimensional effect and places a focus on usability. Flat web design is a minimalistic design approach, which means that ornamental images and text is not used; instead the focus is on elements that provide information to the user. While this might sound boring, it's actually the opposite. Bright contrasting colors cause elements to pop out from their backgrounds and grab the attention of the users.

Pros of Flat Web Design

Flat web design has many strengths which contribute to it's popularity. We've listed some of them below:

1. The bright and bold colors used in this design approach provide a warm and engaging visual appeal that draws the eye into the design.

2. Flat web design allows for a focus on beautiful typography due to the fact that there is no decoration such as drop shadows. The contrast between beautiful typography and bold colors is extraordinary.

3. Flat web design gets rid of excess decoration and focuses instead on content. Because of this, content gets across to your users clearly and quickly.

Cons of Flat Web Design

Sadly, flat web design is not without its flaws. No design approach is perfect. We've listed some of the cons of this approach below:

1. It can be challenging to find a color palette that is balanced and effective. Because you don't have decoration in this design approach, color is half your design. It is incredibly important to find colors that look great together.

2. Flat web design is a trending design style. It's could be bad because the trend could come to an end quickly with popularity going downhill rapidly.

3. Flat web design makes good typography essential for appealing design. The flip side of this is that bad typography is painfully evident and will make your design look awful.


Flat web design is an exciting web design approach that is incredibly popular right now. In this article we've listed some of the pros and cons of this approach so that you can compare the good with the bad and decide whether to use this approach for your designs. If you are looking for a professional looking web site, contact us at sales@emwd.com. We are an experienced web design company that has been in business for over 15 years.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

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