Affiliates are very important to our business in order to generate revenue by having our clienst refer new customers to us. So with that in mind, EMWD has a comprehensive affiliate system featuring recurring commissions offering fixed payouts. You can use your client area to sign-up to become an EMWD affiliate, and to monitor your sign-ups and even request a payout. Our system will email you a report on the 1st of every month showing you the previous month's sales activity.

Once you become an affiliate, our system will give you a unique code to use on your website. When a site visitor on your website clicks this code/link, they will be taken from your website to ours and a cookie will be generated keeping track of their visit. The cookies lasts for 3 months and if they place an order on our website during that 3 month time period, your affiliate account will be credited with a sale and you will start earning a recurring income as long as the new service stays active.

How To Sign Up As An Affiliate:

1. Log into your client area at

2. Click the Affiliates link in the top menu bar.

3. On the Activate Affiliate Account page, click the green "Activate Affiliate Account" button. That's it! You will now be an EMWD Affiliate.

How To Retrieve Your Unique Referral Link:

1. Log into your client area at

2. Click the Affiliates link in the top menu bar.

3. On the affiliates page, you will need see stats and a unique referral link. This link is what you will use on your website to link to our website. 

How To Monitor Your Affilate Clicks and Signups:

1. Log into your client area at

2. Click the Affiliates link in the top menu bar. 

3. On the Affiliates page, you will see a real-time list of your clicks and signups. Our system will show you how many referrals are signed up and how much commision you are earning. You can even use this page to request a withdrawal of your commissions.

Here is a screen shot of what our affiliate program looks like via your client area:

EMWD Affiliate Program


If you are an EMWD client, it is easy to become an affiliate of ours. We are generous with our commissions and we have some clients who are paying for their EMWD hosted services with the commissions they are earning. Our affiliate system is transparent and you have 24/7 access to your affilate stats via your EMWD client area.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

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