EMWD is committed to maintaining a high standard of communications with our clients. In the past, email has been the primary means in which we communicated with our clients through our billing portal. Invoices, receipts, support ticket replies, etc., all were sent out by email. However some of these important communications are missed by our clients for various reasons. So we started looking for something else to come alongside our email approach to communications.

We decided that SMS (text messaging) is a great solution. Our clients can now choose to receive important service related notices via SMS. SMS does not replace email, but instead, offers another means of communications to our clients. Our SMS feature allows a great deal of customization for our clients to choose what notifications they wish to receive. 

SMS notification is off by default for all of our clients. In order to turn on SMS notifications, you will need to log into your client area. The following KB article will show you how to turn SMS notifications on. We do recommend turning it on as there is no additional charge to use it AND it provides another communication stream to you from us.


Please let us know if you have any questions regarding our new client area feature.

As always, thank you for using EMWD!

Brian Carpenter
EMWD, Inc.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

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