You will see a new section within your cPanel called SEO and Marketing Tools. Within this section are a number of icons that offer various ways to increase marketing of your web site. After all, we are all on the web/cloud to be found.

These tools are offered by Attracta, which is a company that specializes in SEO (search engine optimization). Attracta has a partnership with cPanel, and we have decided to make that partnership available to you. The free tools that you have access to will make it easy for you to promote your website and increase its rankings. There are paid versions as well, but those are entirely optional.

SEO is very important to learn, and anyone who is serious about their web presence will take the time to learn at least its fundamentals. is committed to helping our clients learn more about SEO and even includes SEO in our web design projects. If you don't have the time to commit to improving the SEO of your web site, then consider hiring to work on your web site and improve its SEO.

Some Basic SEO Tips

1. Photos/images may be worth one thousand words, but that is not true when it comes to web sites and SEO. Now, obviously, images help improve the look of your web site and increase its user experience but search engines do not read images. We have had clients hire a web designer to design their web site only to have the designer create their entire web site as an image. There went their SEO and search engine rankings. So if you do use images, make sure you offer a written description of the image (if feasible) and always, always, always, include the search terms that are important to you in the written content of your web site.

2. Write articles that relate to your web site's topic and purpose. Emphasize a different keyword/search term for each article. For example, write an article on the importance of health insurance and then another on why healthy people get low insurance rates.

3. Include your web site url in your page content. Also, the longer you have owned a domain name, the better “feel” a search engine such as Google will have concerning your web site. Does it help to have the key words that are important to you in your domain name? The jury is out on that one for us. There are heated debates regarding this topic but no clear winner.

4. Make sure the title of your pages includes the search terms that you want to be found under. A good title for an article page on health insurance would be “An Article on the importance of having health insurance”. Don't use generic titles such as “Article”. Don't expect search engine crawlers to get excited over generic page titles.

5. Make sure your links to your pages include your relevant search terms as often as possible. A link that says “Articles” doesn't say a lot, but “Health Insurance Articles” is much better.

Keep in mind that these are just the basics of SEO. There is much more to do for getting good search engine rankings for your web site, including sound site development and having your web site compliant with existing web standards. The new push in today's web site development is responsive web design, and we will be doing an article on that soon.

As always, thank you for using Just shoot us off an email if you have any questions regarding this article.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

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