How to easily switch between PHP versions

PHP is a very popular web scripting language that is used to create many popular web apps such as WordPress and Moodle. There is an excellent chance you are using some version of PHP to run your website. Since PHP is being actively developed, new versions are regularly released. We always recommend using the latest release of PHP that your PHP application supports. This assumes that you are keeping your PHP applications up to date which you should be. Newer versions of PHP tend to bring performance improvements and security fixes.

We have made it easy for our hosting clients to switch PHP versions for their website and PHP apps via cPanel. Here are some directions on how to use the MultiPHP Management tool in cPanel:

  1. Log into cPanel.

  2. Scroll to the Software section of cPanel and click on the MultiPHP Manager icon.

  3. On the MultiPHP Manager page, you will see a list of your domains that you have set up on your hosting account. If you are using only one domain name with your hosting service then you will just see one. Select the domain name that you wish to change the PHP version for.

  4. Once selected, look to the PHP version dropdown box just above to the right of the domain lists. That is where you will select the PHP version you want. Once you have the correct PHP version selected, click the Apply button and you are all set!

Here is a video explanation of the MultiPHP Manager feature from cPanel:


That is it. Not hard at all. However, if you need assistance then please contact us via our support ticket system, and we will be happy to assist you. Thank you for using EMWD!

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