Setting up FrontPage 2003 for FTP

To setup FrontPage 2003 with our system all you have to do is setup the FTP transfer settings, this way you don't have to use FrontPage extensions which will break things and is not a good way to transfer files to us, anyways here is how you setup FrontPage 2003 with FTP transfering.

Once you have FrontPage 2003 open you will need to go to "view" then to "Remote Web Site" if  "Remote Web Site" is grayed out that means that you either have not saved your website correctly or you have not yet created one.

FrontPage 2003

Once you open the "Remote Web Site" screen you will need to select how you want to connect to your server, click on 
"Remote Web Site Properties"

FrontPage 2003
In the Options window that opens up you will need to 

1. Select "FTP
2. Enter in your ftp address (
3. Enter in your FTP directory... DO NOT LEAVE THIS EMPTY this is where FrontPage 2003 will upload your website to, you need to enter in public_html
4. Select "Passive Mode" without this your not getting anywhere.


Then you will have to enter your login information, This is same login information that you use to login to the cPanel. 

FrontPage 2003

That's it. You can now upload your files. You will see the following when your connected, your local files that are on your computer will be on the left side and your EMWD account will be on your left.

FrontPage 2003

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