What Exactly Is Spam?

Seems like an easy question to answer—we all receive spam, and we all know what it is. But do you know the technical definition? Learn it, so that you can avoid the awful designation of being a spammer. EMWD.com has zero tolerance when it comes to spam being sent out from our servers so to avoid have your list shutdown, learn the technical definition of spam.
Email is spam if it’s:
Unsolicited (the recipient didn’t opt in for it) and
Sent in bulk (it’s part of a larger collection of messages that all have substantively identical content).
Some will argue, “I send unsolicited emails to prospects all the time from my computer. That’s not spam, because it wasn't sent in bulk to 500 other prospects.
It does not matter what the content of the message is and whether how cool you are and how awesome your services/products are. If you send email to people who did not give you permission to email them AND you send your email in bulk, then you are a spammer.
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