DMARC and Mailman

Yahoo  and AOL (and soon others) have implemented a strict DMARC policy that will cause posts from Yahoo/AOL users to be bounced by many other services. These bounces can cause other members of your list to be removed while the offending Yahoo or AOL member is left alone. 

With that said, we have the following suggestions for our list administrators that will help them to work around this major headache that Yahoo and AOL has caused. You can use either 1 or 2 but don't do both:

1. As of Mailman 2.1.18 and later (which we use), you now have a moderation settings for all domains with irresponsible DMARC policies with dmarc_moderation_action and dmarc_moderation_notice settings. These additional settings are found on the Privacy Options --> Sender Filters page. We recommend that you use the "Mung From" setting.

2.  Turn off Content filtering, and Reply-To: header munging and remove subject_prefix, msg_header and msg_footer so Mailman doesn't make message modifications that break Yahoo's DKIM signature.

Our recommendation is to go with item 1.
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