Bandwidth Exceeded

Mailman clients seeing this message means they have exceeded their bandwidth limit for the month. Bandwidth usage is a measure of list traffic including the number of attachments sent to a list. You can view your list resource usage via your client area:

1. Log into

2. Click on Services.

3. Click on our Mailman List Hosting service.

4. On the Manage Product page, click on the Resource Usage tab to view your current disk space and bandwidth usage.

Bandwidth usage is reset the 1st of every month. We allot 5 gigabytes of bandwidth per month per list. If you see the BW exceeded message, then please fill out a support ticket notifying us of this, and we will add additional BW to your mailman service. Overages past the 5 GB per list per month will be added to the next invoice at .20 per 1 GB of BW.


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