How to order an additional Mailman list for an existing service

There are many times when a client that has an exisiting mailman service needs a new list to be added to it. Due to the way our billing portal is setup, the way to do this is not easily apparent. This KB article shows how to add a new list to an existing mailman service. The new list would be consider an add-on. If the list that you want to add has a different mailman list domain than the one your existing mailman service is using, then you will need to place a completely new service. Add-on lists are for new mailman lists that uses the same list domain as the parent mailman list service. Here is how to order an add-on mailman list:

1. Log into your client area at

2. Click on Services --> My Services in the top menu bar

3. Within the Actions box on the left side of the page click the View Available Addons link to being the ordering process for adding an additional mailman list.

4. Click the Order Now button

5. Click the Checkout button

6. Besides choosing your Payment Details, in the Additional Notes text box, put the listname of the new mailman list and whether or not you want the new list to be private or public. Click the Complete Order button to finish this process.

That is it. All add-on mailman lists will be setup within 24 hours and the client will be notified when the order has been completed. As always if you have any question regarding this topic, feel free to open up a support ticket via your client area. Thank you for using EMWD!
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