Sep 7th Free SSL Certificates by EMWD

cPanel 58 has been deployed on our shared hosting servers for the past 2 weeks. One of the major perks of this new cPanel version are free SSL certificates provided by cPanel and Comodo. These SSL certificates are DV (domain validated) and are supported by every major browser. They will also be automatically renewed in the future without any input ... Read More »

Apr 28th Introducing Site Publisher

The latest version of cPanel now has a new feature: Site Publisher. Site Publisher, is an easy-to-use static web page generator. With 3 templates to choose from, our customers can have an immediate web presence with just a few clicks from their cPanel dashboard. We offer cPanel on our shared hosting service.For many end users, they simply want to ... Read More »

Nov 3rd Become An Affiliate of EMWD

Affiliates are very important to our business in order to generate revenue by having our clienst refer new customers to us. So with that in mind, EMWD has a comprehensive affiliate system featuring recurring commissions offering fixed payouts. You can use your client area to sign-up to become an EMWD affiliate, and to monitor your sign-ups and ... Read More »

Sep 17th Are You Ready for PayPal Service Upgrade?

If you run an ecommerce store and you accept Paypal then please read the following article for a simple explanation of Paypal's upcoming certificate change: you are running a WordPress site and and you accept Paypal via it, then the above link has a plugin that you can install to test ... Read More »

Sep 14th Client Area Upgraded

Dear Clients:If you are logging into your client area today, you will probably notice a dramatic new look for it. We upgraded our billing system (WHMCS) from version 5 to version 6. The client area template we were using did not work with version 6. As a result we are using the version 6 theme provided by WHMCS and will continue to do so. This new ... Read More »

Jun 16th cPanel 11.50 Is Here

cPanel/WHM 11.50 is being deployed to our shared and mailman hosting services over the next couple of weeks. This new version of cPanel brings the following changes: CentOS 7 support. Right now our shared and mailman servers are running some version of CentOS 6. We have no immediate plans to move to CentOS 7 at the moment. Greylisting. This ... Read More »

Oct 7th A New Client Area Feature — cPanel Extended

Yesterday, we installed a new module for our billing system called cPanel Extended. This new module will allow our shared hosting clients to manage some of the more common cPanel tasks right through their client area account. Tasks such as creation of email accounts and ftp accounts, viewing web traffic, etc. can now be easily accomplished ... Read More »

Oct 6th New Client Area Design

Our client area has a new face! Over the weekend, we rolled out our new design for our billing system aka client area. You can see this awesome new design at This new design incorporates flat web design elements and a responsive design layout. This means that our client area is mobile-friendly and almost every task ... Read More »

Apr 10th's Blunder Impacts Mailing Lists

Dear Client:Yahoo initiated a terrible policy change to their mail servers that impacts every single mailing list software in use, not just Mailman. If any user posts to your list, they will cause those list members whose ISP/ESP provider is using DMARC (Hotmail, Gmail, Bellsouth, etc) to bounce the poster's message which can in turn ... Read More »

Nov 20th Flat Web Design

Introduction to Flat Web Design There are quite a few ways to design a good looking website, with some approaches being more popular than others. Flat web design is currently a very popular design approach. Besides being used to design web sites, many people also use this approach to design mobile apps. Apple and Microsoft have adopted this ... Read More »