How to open up a Support Ticket

All communications to EMWD's staff must come through our online support ticket. This includes requests for technical issues or trouble-shooting a problem. Our online support ticket system is only accessible via your client area which means you must be an EMWD client to access it. Here is how to open up a support ticket using your client area:

1. Log into your client area at

2. In the Top Menu click on Open Ticket.

3. Choose the appropriate department for your support ticket.

4. Make sure the subject line is filled out and please select the Related Service that your ticket is to be assoicated with. Knowing which service you are requesting help for goes a long way in speeding up the resolution process.

Please open a new ticket for each new issue. Please do now open up one ticket to report 3 different problems. We need a separate ticket for each problem. Also please do not reply to an existing ticket to report a new issue. Open up a new ticket for new issues. If a ticket has been closed, then please do not reopen it. It means the problem has been resolved. If the same problem occurs again, then open up a new ticket and reference the ticket # in which the problem was previously resolved.
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