Backup Policy

Backups, whose responsibility is it?

At EMWD, we provide daily backups of all of our shared hosting and mailman clients. These backups are for our own disaster recovery purposes. We provide a method for our shared hosting clients to recover data from these backups via cPanel. However this is done as a courtesy only. We offer no guarantees or assurances for the integrity of your backed up data. It is the client's responsibility to make sure they keep their own backups as part of their own disaster recovery policies.

We DO NOT include automatic backups for any of our cloud vps servers. Anyone using our cloud vps service needs to make sure they have arranged their own backups to be done or make prior arrangements with EMWD to have some form of automatic backups to be started. Automatic backups for a VPS client will be billed at fair market value. If you are a cloud vps client and you are interested in our backup services then please contact for pricing information.

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