How do I retrieve a backup of my list membership roster?

One of the more frequent requests we receive from our mailman clients is to retrieve a backup of their list membership. Prior to Mailman 2.1.10 there was no way of doing this apart from accessing a command line script. This script was only accessible to the server administrator.

However that has changed with Mailman version 2.1.10 and later. List administrators/moderators can now receive a backup of their membership roster via e-mail by using the ‘who’ command. Here are the instructions on how to do this:

1. Send an e-mail to (Replace the listname and your with your own list specific information)

2. In the subject line, type “who password”. Do not add the quotes, and substitute ‘password’ with your list administrator or moderator password.

The mailman server will reply to the who command with a break down of your membership roster between regular (non-digest members) members and digest members. It will even include their full name if it was added previously to the roster.
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