My mailing list is not receiving messages sent to it. What should I do?

First check your archives to see the if the posts are showing up there. If they are not then make sure the person who is posting does not have their address subscribed to the list as a moderated member. Most lists are configured to automatically discard messages sent from moderated members. If you are a list admin or moderator and your posts are not making it to the list AND you are not subscribed as a member THEN check to see if your address is listed in the following text box:

Privacy Options --> Sender Filters:

"List of non-member addresses whose postings should be automatically accepted."

If the above suggestions have not worked then contact EMWD Support by filling out a support ticket via your client area. In order to troubleshoot this problem, we need the following questions answered:
1. What list e-mail address are you posting your messages TO?
2. What e-mail address(es) are these posts coming FROM?
3. What was the subject line of the last message sent to your mailing list?
4. When was the message sent? Need date/time stamp.
5. Please provide 2-3 email addresses that are members of your list that have been confirmed of not receiving your post.

These answers are necessary for us to troubleshoot your list problem and to view our logs to find out where the problem might be.
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