How to Increase Your Email Account's Quota

Every email account created using cPanel has a quota. A quota is how much disk space that email account can use for storage. If your quota is maxed out in storage then you will need to increase it before you can use it again. Here is how to do that:

1. First log into cPanel at

2. Click on the Email Accounts icon within the Email section of cPanel.

3. The email account that has its quota filled up will have a red bar. Click on the Quota link in the same row as that email account.

4. Increase the number in the Mailbox Quota text box to a higher number and click the Save button. We do not recommend choosing the Unlimited option. We have seen clients' email account(s) use up the entire disk space assigned to their hosting service including their website and databases using this choice.

Another option is to free up your quota usage. Remember mail kept in your Trash folder still takes up your disk usage (quota).

We hope this article is of use and please let us know if you need further assistance via our support ticket system.
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