How to install WordPress

This guide will show you how to install WordPress on your Wordpress hosting account. Before we formally recommended Softaculous to install WordPress, but cPanel has since came out with a dedicated Wordpress installer that we now recommend. We still include Softaculous with our web hosting services and you can use it to install Wordpress. The below instruction will show you how to use the recommended way using the WordPress Manager feature in cPanel.

1. Log into cPanel (http://yourdomain/cpanel)
2. Scroll to the Applications section of cPanel and click on the WordPress Manager icon.
3. On the WordPress Manager page, click the blue New Site button in the top section to start the installation process.
4. On the Site Software page, click the Show Advanced Configuration link to show more installation options. You will see additional text boxes and drop downs show up.
5. IMPORTANT! IMPORTANT! Get rid of the wordpress entry in the the Installation URL boxes. You want to install WordPress in the top level of your hosting service. If you leave wordpress after the / mark, then cPanel will install WordPress at this location: http://www.yourdomain/wordpress/. You do not want that. You will want WordPress installed at http://www.yourdomain/.
6. For the Admin User choose whatever you want. For the Admin Password, we highly recommend you use the Password Generator button to choose a secure password for you.
7. For Email, choose an email account you have access to.
8. For the Additional Installation Options, just accept the defaults. You can change some of those via the WordPress Dashboard.
9. Click the Install button. WordPress will be installed and you will be able to login using the credentials from the installation process at http://www.yourdomain/wp-login.php. We recommend logging in immediately into WordPress and click on Settings --> General and change teh WordPress Address and Site Address to use https instead of http. This will configure your WordPress installation to use SSL which will secure and speed up your WordPress powered website.
That is it. You now have WordPress installed and ready to go. It is important to keep WordPress up to date. The WordPress dashboard will notify you when you log in if anything needs to be updated. We also provide a WordPress maintenance service for $10 per month that keeps your WordPress site, themes, and plugins up to date. Just let us know via support ticket if you wish to add that to your hosting service.
If you are somewhat intimidated by the above instructions, then simple open up a support ticket via your client area and request EMWD to do the installation for you. We provide this service free of charge.
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