How to install WordPress

This guide will show you how to install WordPress on your hosting account.

1. Log into cPanel (http://yourdomain/cpanel)

2. Click on the Softaculous icon. It is located in the Software/Services section of your web site. There is also a Softaculous Apps Installer section of cPanel that you can use by clicking on blogs listed under Categories.

3. Click on the WordPress icon (accessible via Top Scripts or from the Blog category listed in the left side menu).

4. Click on the Install button to begin the installation process.

5. Recommended settings:

Protocol: http://

Choose Domain: Choose the domain that you want WordPress to be accessible under.

In Directory: If you want your blog to be viewed under just your domain name then leave this empty. If you want WordPress to be installed in a directory then add the directory name here. For example if you want the directory to be blog then the link to WordPress will be http://yourdomain/blog/.

Database Name: Use the pre-define name.

Table Prefix: Use the pre-define name.

Site Name: Your choice

Site Description: Your choice

Enable Multisite: Check the box if you are going to have different domain names pointing to different sections of your blog. If you are just using a single domain name then leave this unchecked.

Admin Username: your choice

Admin Password: Please use a secure password. It is vital that you use a secure password to prevent your blog site from hacked into.

Select Language: Your choice

Before you click the Install button, add your email address to the "Email installation details to" text box.

That is it. You now have WordPress installed and ready to go. It is important to keep WordPress up to date. If you installed WordPress via Softaculous, then Softaculous will email you whenever an update is available. Your WordPress administrative panel will also let you know.
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