Using Track Delivery of Email in cPanel

There is a great tool in cPanel that allows you to view EVERY message sent to a mail account (in the last 30 days). This tool allows you to see how well SA (SpamAssassin) is doing with filtering out incoming spam and whether or not it is tagging legitimate messages. The tool is called Track Delivery. Here is a introduction:

Track Delivery (Email Trace)

The Track Delivery tool in cPanel allows you to see a log of all emails sent and received in the last 30 days. Once in the ‘Track Delivery’ section (within the Email section of cPanel), simply click ‘Run Report’ to see the most recent logs. It will provide details about each email including timestamp, sender, receiver, spam score (SA) and whether the email was delivered successfully. This is a handy tool to confirm if an email was actually sent or if it was delivered if for some reason you can’t find it in your mail client. You can also search for email addresses or domain if you are looking for a more specific report.

cPanel has a provided an indepth guide that you can read to get the most out of this tool.
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