What size list does $4.50 per month cover?

Our pricing is based upon the size of your list subscribers and our pricing starts out at $4.50 per month per list. This pricing covers up to 5000 members and it includes an unlimited amount of outgoing messages. We do not throttle the sending rate either so you can expect your list messages to go out fast.

The following chart will give you a birds eye view of how much you can expect to pay for our mailing list service. 


Our Pricing

Per List Price
Up to 5000 Subscribers $4.50/month
Up to 10000 Subscribers $9.00/month
Up to 15000 Subscribers $13.50/month
Up to 20000 Subscribers $18.00/month
Up to 30000 Subscribers $22.50/month
Up to 50000 Subscribers $27.00/month
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